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Welcome to USB flashdrive.co.za, this is a Gecko Media web site.   Gecko Media has supplied quality USB flash drives to the South African corporate gift and promotions industry since 2006. We have a wealth of knowledge in the USB flash drive field. Gecko Media has built the trust of many customers with our prompt quotations, branding and efficient service.



So what are USB Flash drives?

USB Flash Drives are a fast, convenient way to back up, share, carry and transfer your data or files. USB flash drives have less storage capacity than external hard drives, but they are smaller and more durable because they do not have internal moving parts. They are also far more portable due to their small physical size.

Modern larger capacity USB Flash Drives provide more than enough space to store your photos, videos, music, and other personal files. We offer USB flash drives of various memory capacities with additional functionality such as data loading, data locking and a few other clever solutions.

USB Flash drive applications

Promotional items

The USB flash drive has proven to be one of the most popular corporate gifts in the world. In South Africa this is particularly true. The reasons for this are simple, it’s something everyone needs and cannot get enough of.  The demand for memory storage space is never ending; no one throws out a USB flash drive. USB Flash drives are also easy to brand on and never fail to impress the recipient.

Trade show hand outs

Your contact details can also be added onto the USB flash drive making it easy for the user to contact you and always have them on hand. In addition your catalogues and information can be added onto the USB flash drive. This data can even be data locked so they cannot delete it.


All conference materials and presentations can be pre loaded onto flash drives. Why waste all that paper and space when it can all be saved on a tiny USB flash drive?


Schools are using computers more and more, many schools are going paperless, USB flash drives are used to take work home for homework purposes of even to store entire books and syllabus. They can also be used to back up important school projects and tasks.


USB Flash drives are becoming more and more popular at university for dissemination course materials to students. They can also be used to back up important assignments and tasks.

Every day leisure use

USB flash drives are used by people every day to store movies, music and files.

USB Flash Drive Branding

We offer branding on 20 units or more. Lead time:

      • Laser Engraved 4-5 working days
      • Full colour print 5-7 working days
      • Domed / resin decals 4-5 Days

Faster turnarounds are possible; please confirm with the sales person that you are dealing with. A rush order fee may be applicable.

Don’t forget that we also offer custom moulded usb’s.   Turn your product or logo into a memory stick today.

R2D2 USB flash drives


OTG Flash drives

OTG flash drives can be plugged into Android systems so they can be read by mobile phones and tablets directly.  As long as the device has OTG functionality built in (Android 4.0 or higher) it will be able to accept the memory stick being plugged into it’s Micro USB port.  OTG really makes life easier, copy movies or music in a flash.  You could even watch a movie from the flash drive.

Brand new OTG adapters

We are please to introduce our OTG adapter. The OTG adapter allows you to turn any standard USB flash drive into a OTG device. It simply plugged into the font of the memory stick, the other end can be plugged into any Micro USB port.

OTG plugged into USB

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