USB 3.0 Datalock Multidrive Memory Sticks


Datalock Multidrive

Stop giving away memory sticks that only work in old PC’s! Our Datalock Multidrives have three USB interfaces:

  • Type-C (Almost all new phones and Laptops use this now)
  • Standard USB (2.0, 3.0 and 3.1, Standard USB port we are all used to)
  • Micro USB (Android phone port before Type C, still on many entry level Android smart phones)



  • All Android phones sold in South Africa including Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, Xiaomi and One Plus.
  • All Android tablets.
  • All Apple iMac, Macbooks, MacBook Air
  • All PC’s
  • All Laptops

The only item they don’t work in is Apple iPhones with lightning connectors.

Datalock / Dual Partition with or without password protection

Many companies are giving away memory sticks with their data or catalogues loaded onto them.  These can be easily formatted resulting in your information being deleted.


We have the solution; give them a dual zone memory stick with your information locked in one partition.  The second partition is open for them to use as a normal memory stick.  This way the memory stick is still useful to them while always reminding them of your products or services.  Our Data locked partition cannot be deleted or reformatted.

Data loading (Locked or Unlocked)

We load your data onto the memory sticks including presentations, product catalogues or any other promotional materials.  Whether it is to supply important information to your clients or just to drive home your company message, preloading your memory stick with data is an excellent marketing tool. We can load any types of data onto memory sticks for example:

  • Videos
  • Software
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Product catalogues
  • Pictures
  • PDF brochures
  • Company websites
  • Electronic Vouchers

What format should the data be in?

If you are sending the data by email, FTP or providing a download link, then data should be provided as one .zip folder. Upon receipt, we will unzip the folder and add the resulting contents onto each Flash Drive. This way the data will retain the exact folder structure you intended. If you are sending the data by post on a CD, DVD or Flash Drive then there is no need to zip the data.

Partition password protection

 We are able to password protect the locked partition.  You would need to supply the password to us.  We would be willing to sign Non Disclosure Agreements.

 Data Encryption

 The most secure way to transmit information is to encrypt the information on the USB.   Bear in mind it all persons receiving the USB would need access to the same software used to encrypt the information.  This can be an internal system you are currently using or we can add software to the drive.  All parties who receive the encrypted USB would need to receive a password to open the data on the USB flash drive.

 Drive Name (Volume label)

When you plug a memory stick into your PC or Laptop you will see a drive name with a letter assigned to it.   Most often it will say USB Drive (C).   When we data load your memory sticks we are able to name your flash drive.  When the user plugs it in they will see your desired company or product name then the Drive letter.