We are proud to introduce our FastFlash USB 2.0 flash drives

Are you tired of waiting for ages for your USB flash drives to write? Are movies taking 20 minutes to copy onto that cheap promo flash drive.  We believe that recipients of gift flash are sick and tired of receiving bottom of the rung quality memory sticks.  This is why we have introduced a decent quality OEM level of flash at a very competitive price.  Introducing Promo Fastflash USB 2.0.  The speeds are slower than USB 3.0 but far faster than regular promotional product flash drives.

Clip Fast flash USB 2.0 

As far as USB 2.0 goes this flash drive is exceptionally fast.  Featuring and Alcor controller and Samsung A-Grade chip.

Write speed 18 MB/s

Read speed 28 MB/s

This is a unique design, the clip on action will make an impact on the recipient without fail.

Fast flash Samsung Alcor

Fastflash clip

UDP Fastflash

The UDP fast flash is compact and really stylish. The UDP fastflash is perfect for clipping onto any key ring.   You always have your keys with you, it makes perfect sense to store your flash drive this way.  Featuring and Alcor controller and Samsung A-Grade chip.

Write Speed 12MB/s

Read Speed 24MB/s

Supplied in a plastic gift box.

Fast flash Samsung Alcor