We supply existing design USB flash drives

The are many USB flash drive factories in China.  Each of these factories has their own design memory sticks.  If you see a design online simply save the picture then email it to us and we will source it for you.  See our USB flash drive examples below, our factory literally has thousands of these existing moulded USB flash drives.  If the mould is an existing design we can provide these to you without incurring a mould charge.

Besides just sourcing Character USB flash drives we can also produce:

  • Logo USB flash drives
  • Product Shape USB flash drives
  • Wristband USB flash drives
  • Pen USB flash drives  and many more
Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

Remember some of these USB flash drive designs may belong to licencees,  the Hello Kitty USB above is an example of this.  We could only produce this if you have a license to distribute the Hello Kitty brand.



USB flash drives

Ninja USB flash drive

This Ninja USB flash drive character is reminiscent of “Die Antwords “Ninja.


USB flash drives

Music man USB flash drive

We have many clients who distribute music on USB flash drives these days.  We have even created music band logo’s in USB flash drives.  The possibilities are endless.


USB flash drives

Ice Cream USB flash drive

Yes we can also turn a product into USB flash drives. Se the ice cream cone USB above.

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