TYPE-C USB flash drives

We now stock Type C compatible USB flash drives.  This product has multiple adapters allowing it to be used in:

Type C ports

OTG ports (Android)

Standard USB ports

Type C USB flash drive

About USB 3.0

USB 3.0 is was introduced after USB 2.0, as technology has progressed so has the need for faster transfer speeds on portable memory devices.  The main benefit of USB 3.0 over over USB 2.0 is the dramatic increase in throughput speeds via the USB port.  USB 3.0 can achieve ten times faster transfer than USB 2.0.  That means files can now copy 10x faster than before.  USB 3.0 ports can be identified by the blue interior of the metal case where flash drives are plugged in.  USB 3.0 Flash drives can also be identified by the blue strip inside of the USB adapter.

USB 3.0 for gift and promotions market

It’s not very often you find a promotional product flash importer offering USB 3.0.  This is because the USB flash from Chinese OEM manufacturers is not up to USB 3.0 speed and quality standards.   We have worked very hard to source fast enough USB 3.0 flash that is still competitively priced. Our OEM USB 3 models write at 28MB/s and read at 70MB/s.

Swivel USB 3.0

The idea behind USB 3.0 is highly improved speed, if you need extremely fast USB’s it may be better to utilise A-Grade flash for USB 3.0 drives.  Please call our office to establish which A-Grade USB 3.0 flash we can offer.   We are re sellers of all the major flash brands including Sandisk, Lexar, PNY and Kingston.  These models may not be suitable for adding your logo onto because the manufacturers logo’s are very prominent.  The only option is to co-brand these models.